Celebrating Daffodils


Today is April 30th. The last day of April: Cancer awareness month.

Sitting on the front desks of our two locations in Mississauga are donation boxes for the Canadian Cancer Society. For a small donation, all month, clients, passers by, and visitors to the hospital have been coming in to purchase a daffodil in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. All month I have paid special attention to the brave women that enter our stores and the families that support them. I’m amazed at the abundance of stories and varying experiences  women (and men) have while walking this journey. I don’t pretend to ‘understand’ what’s going on. I am here to listen patiently and offer solutions to temporary hair loss, scalp sensitivity, and any other related issues a woman may have with her hair and scalp. I’m also here to teach women how to help regrow their hair quicker and make it healthier. http://www.trulyyou.ca/comfort.asp  I wanted to write this entry as a sincere thank you to all the clients that entrust us with this important task. We have come a long way and I am honored to help a woman look and feel little better.

So next time I have a client that asks…”Will my hair really grow back..and when??”

I will say: “YES, your hair will grow back!! At about 1/4 of an inch a month”..but before it does it may be nice to imagine that it is helping a mama bird somewhere…

Farewell to Hair by Terry Hanson

I stood outside on a windy day
and ran my fingers through my hair.
Long strands of silky threads
blew across the lawn.
They glistened in the sun,
too many to count.

I imagined a nest,
lined with my mane,
woven by a mama bird.
The babies nestled,
snug inside,
warmed by my fallen tresses.

Now on the wintry nights,
when my head is cold
I pull my wool cap
over my ears and smile
as I dream of baby birds
sleeping in my hair.

For more information on how Capilia Truly You helps women with the appearance related side-effects of treatment go to: http://www.trulyyou.ca/comfort.asp

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