Real or Fake? You be the judge.

Wow. Its been a while since I wrote an entry. Capilia Truly You has been a busy bee the past couple months. Lets see…we have been planning a fundraiser for Angel Hair for Kids:, we sponsored the CIBC run for the cure:, I went to Paris and learned about the latest advancements in hair and scalp care, we sponsored the Canadian Cancer Society’s Grand Evening in Pink on Oct 1st, and not to mention the day to day business. Now that I have a moment to catch my breath I thought I would write a few words about the product that started our business 20 years ago: wigs.  Yes when Truly You opened its doors it was to address the need for private  and personal services for women undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Since then we have evolved into a company that puts women with thinning hair and all types of hair loss first. Over the years we have seen the industry catch on, but to this day we are one of the very few companies that focus on womens hair loss. And although we have programs that range from preventing hair loss to correcting it, we continue to carry beautiful high end wigs in synthetic, blended and human hair; that are unlike anything you have ever seen.  That being said I am not surprised to continuously hear “but will it look natural?”. Well on that note I thought I would post a fun little game. Below I have pasted 4 sets of images. In each set one image is a wig and the other is someone’s real hair. Can you tell the difference between the two? Try to guess which is which. I will be posting the answers next week on our facebook page..all you have to do is like our page to see the answers:!/CapiliaTrulyYou In the mean time have fun trying to figure this one out and please come celebrate the beauty wigs can add to your wardrobe by taking advantage of our 30% OFF SALE (all in stock synthetic wigs, select styles and colours)



Image  or  b. 


a.Image  or b.Image


Image  or b. Image


a. Image or b. Image


Sincerely, CR


6 thoughts on “Real or Fake? You be the judge.

  1. joan says:

    1b, 2a,3a, 4a are all fake….do you carry wigs for black women

    • That’s a very good guess. I will be posting the answers on our facebook page on Friday:!/CapiliaTrulyYou

      We have many black female clients. In fact we have a wonderful black woman on staff that does fantastic work with treating hair and scalp ailments that are specific to black women. Ofcourse she styles hair as well. Our wigs are high end synthetic, blended and human hair. We have spent nearly 20 years filtering through to find the best suppliers from around the world, and we’re excited to be offering most of our lines at a 30% discount starting in October. I encourage you to contact us for a free consultation at 905-821-1092. We have an all female staff and all of our consulations and appointments are conducted in private rooms.

      If you have any further questions you are welcome to contact me directly at



  2. kalwant says:

    I think all the b’s are fake

  3. Lee says:

    My husband likes wig 3a and 3b – with the 30% discount, what would the price be?

    BTW….Lindsay and I really enjoyed the Monday night session to speak with others who have similar concerns with hair loss – thanks for making this happen!

    • Oh my goodness I’m sorry i didnt respond sooner!! 3b is actually not a wig 🙂 all part of my fun game. 3a is a beautiful be honest we’ll have to double check if its in stock. However the looks of 3a and b will not be hard to find in a 30% discount. We are so glad you made it to our social night. We’re planning the next one for January and will send out the date and details soon. In the meantime we welcome you to come in and try on some new looks 🙂
      Best, Caroline

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