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Internet: Friend or Foe ?


Do you remember life before the Internet? What did you do when you had a question about a recipe, or if you wanted to research a new vacation destination? It seems today the first place we all look for information is the internet. And with the explosion of smart phones, access to information is literally at our fingertips 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. This fundamental shift in our culture has created a much more ‘informed’, and demanding consumer. It has also created a more competitive market. But is the internet really our friend or foe? That depends entirely on the person doing the research.

The ability  for anyone to instantly post or publish information from anywhere at any time is an incredible concept. It has given people the power to be experts, even if they have little or no credentials. Sure, reading a local moms blog about how she manages to juggle work and home life can really help, but that same mom can also be posing as a hair loss expert insisting that sleeping with olive oil and egg yolk on your scalp will strengthen and even grow your hair (I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had make that claim)

So how can you really tell if someone knows what they are talking about? Here’s a few tips:

1. Authority:  Who are you?

Who is the author? What are their credentials? If they are not advertised is that information accessible?

2. Objectivity: Is the information biased?

A true professional will offer objective information; especially on topics that we know have no easy answer i.e. hair loss. If someone writes an article about a magic cream that grows hair, and then directs you to their website where you can buy the cream, you will likely want to check the viability of their claim. Use your common sense. Something that sounds like it’s too good to be true probably is.

3. Authenticity: What is the source of the information?

Where does the information originate from and is it from an established organization or business or company?

4. Time: Is the information current?

Technology has come a long way and is changing daily. Keep that in mind when researching remedies or solutions to hair and scalp health.

Thanks to Google Alerts I, like many, have the pleasure of reading a lot of great articles on hair loss…as well as a significant amount of nonsense. Lets examine a couple links I came across and some of the misleading information they contain.

This article comes to us from the Chicago Tribune and is written by the editors of Harvard Womens Health watch. Viable source and author but the information provided is limited. How do they recommend you treat your hair loss?: like any other medical condition, talk to your doctor. No mention of seeking the advice of a Trichologist, or a nutritionist. Certain medical/ blood tests are important- but they can only take you so far, and often don’t explain your full hair loss story. We see clients daily that have spoken to numerous doctors and dermatologists. Their visits were short, and they left feeling frustrated with the lack of information they were given. By speaking to a Trichologist first you will have the tools you need to approach your doctor, ask the right questions, and request the correct testing.


So let’s say I’m a menopausal woman who just read the above article that directed me to speak to my doctor. Being a modern and tech savvy woman, I decide to see what a doctor online says first. In the link below the doctors answer to what causes hair loss in menopausal women is: “The most common cause of loss of hair in women is traction alopecia from braiding and tying their hair back. Most women can correct the problem by letting their hair hang without braiding it.” Well a doctor said it so it must be true! Right? So I stop wearing my hair up and insist too much styling damage is the culprit. Yes the good doctor acknowledges a few other possible causes, but stating that the most common one is traction alopecia is simply false.


As you can see its not difficult to be lead astray when researching online. There is so much information it can be overwhelming, this is true.  Start with a local search, there may be experts right in your area! Follow the simple rules listed above, and if possible do things the ‘old school’ way and just pick up the phone and speak to a professional about what their clinic has to offer, and your specific concerns. At Capilia Truly You we are happy to answer all your questions, and guide you to a solution that suits you….seriously call us anytime, we’ll prove it 😉


Love and Hair Loss



Many of us celebrated Valentine’s day yesterday, and some us (including myself) have waited until today or the weekend to enjoy some quality time with the people we love.

Love comes in many forms. It can exist between couples, families and even friends. It can also exist between a man/ woman and their hair.In fact, I will argue that hair and love go hand in hand.

The love affair we have with our hair, is probably one of the greatest love stories of all time. This is a relationship that starts at a very early age, has its ups and downs, and is filled with moments of happiness, stress, and reconciliation. But quite seriously Hair Loss if closely linked to love in a very specific way…. through something called Telogen Effluvium.

Love loss and Hair Loss

When we lose love, the stress and anxiety of that loss can show itself in the quality of our hair. Telogen Effluvium is a normal condition of sudden hair loss following a traumatic physical or emotional event in one’s life. When the body is shocked by trauma or life change, the normal growth cycle of hair follicles can get interrupted and become stuck in the telogen (resting) phase and then pushed out in the exogen, or shedding, phase. When follicles fail to return to the anagen, or growth, phase, thinning and hair loss become noticeable. What can you do to prevent loss of hair during times stress? Starting with the basics is important: sleep and good nutrition. In today’s world most people should be supplementing given that our foods and diet simply cannot supply us with all the vitamins and minerals we need. There are a number of vitamins and minerals that not only aid in general health but also will help with hair growth and maintaining healthy hair.  During times of stress our bodies are in ‘fight or flight’ mode, and are often using more nutrients then under normal circumstances. Calming herbals like valerian and passion flower can aid in calming the mind, relaxing the ‘fight or flight’ response and helping restore your body to balance more quickly.

At Capilia Truly You we believe that what you put on your scalp/ body, is just as important as what you take in. When we’re stressed it’s easy to neglect hygiene, but its also one of the most important times for us to maintain good hygiene if we are to maintain a healthy hair and scalp.  Washing your hair and scalp often with products that are free of synthetic additives will give your hair the optimal environment to grow in.  Capilia has a wonderful selection of natural products that can help not only get your scalp looking and feeling wonderful, but that also have stimulating agents that will aid in quicker and thicker re-growth: http://www.laboratoirenature.com/en/products-terapo-medik.html  If you don’t have the time or energy to do your own hair, come in for a Capilia ‘Essential’ treatment: http://www.capilia.ca/en/solutions/programs/women/essential/index.cfm


New love and Hair Loss

The love of a mother is one of the most selfless and everlasting loves that exist in this world. With pregnancy comes a long list of physical and emotional changes. We give up a lot for the love of our child and often some of these sacrifices come very early on. Often 3 months after giving birth women will experience a large amount of hair loss. Why does having a baby cause hair loss?

During pregnancy, the level of estrogen hormones in your body increases, which causes hair follicles to remain in the growing phase and stimulates the healthy growth of your hair. Your hair follicles get shocked by the birth of a baby because hormone levels return to normal, lower pre-pregnancy levels and this drop can shock follicles into that resting stage, usually around one to three months post birth. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this kind of loss? Yes. If targeted early on (at about 4-6 months of pregnancy) you can control the amount of hair you will lose by using specific products that target reactional female hair loss.  We also offer a series of 6 treatments that start at about 4 and a half months of pregnancy. These treatments supplement some of the amino acids that are lost to the fetus when it begins developing its own hair.

So remember whether you are falling in or out of love, your hair does not have take the ‘fall’ as well. There are many solutions right at your fingertips.


For more information on this, or other similar topics visit www.trulyyou.ca or www.capilia.ca. Also feel free to e-mail me directly at caroline@trulyyou.ca. Please note that any recommendations made in this article are a reflection of the opinion of the author, and the result of their experience in the Trichology and Wellness. Individuals concerned about their hair or scalp should seek a consultation with Trichologist to identify the very specific reason for their ailment and provide the appropriate recommendations.

Wishing you hair happiness today and every day.


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What Bradley Cooper is doing wrong…



Happy 2013 everyone!!!

Like many, I have a weakness for the occasional gossip magazine read. Over the holidays a little article about Bradley Cooper caught my attention.  People’s ‘sexiest man alive’ is known for his great locks, that’s why I was so surprised to read he was ‘obsessed’ with his receding hair line.

Bradley, Bradley…like so many of the clients I see he can change one simple thing about his hair regiment to stabilize his hair loss and have healthier thicker hair. This ‘change’ is usually the opposite of what most people hear and read, and often they are shocked when I reveal the truth to them.

The December 24th issue of STAR magazine reported the following:

Former Sexiest Man Alive Bradley Cooper has demanded that his personal hairstylist keep a lid on rumors about his receding hairline. “He brought in a special stylist while he films The Hangover Part III and is paying beaucoup bucks for her to sign a confidentiality clause,” says a source.

The actor is receiving rave reviews for his role in Silver Linings Playbook, but Bradley is too focused on his tresses to enjoy his success. “He comes from a long line of bald guys and has used Propecia for year,” the source tattles to Star. “Brad’s thrown himself into work and is desperate for an Oscar nod in February, but he’s paranoid about going bald. He thinks it could kill his leading-man status.”

Worried that his hair is a major part of his sex appeal, the insider reveals, Bradley has been “getting a cutting-edge hair-loss treatment and taking a battery of natural supplements — and he’s only washing his hair every three days, with expensive organic shampoos.” Remember, Bradley: it’s the clothes that make the man, not the hair.

First of all I want to say that I didn’t even notice Bradley Cooper before he grew out his hair…so I have to say I don’t quite agree with the statement that ‘the clothes make the man, not the hair’ I would like to think its a combination of both. I mean, do you remember him in Wedding Crashers? Here’s a pic:


It wasn’t until the Hangover, that most women said “who’s that?” The only thing he changed was his hair, and that’s all it took. So, when Bradley started losing his hair his panicked reaction was not a surprise.

What is Bradley doing wrong exactly? Well using shampoos that are free of harsh chemical additives is a good start. Supplements help as well, although as most of us know the best source of nutrition is healthy food. Bradley seems to be in good physical condition, so I am going to assume that he works out and therefore has good circulation. However one extremely common misconception is that washing your hair too often can contribute to hair loss. It is the #1 comment I hear in a consultation.  What most people don’t know is that oil is directly related to hair thinning and hair loss. An overactive sebaceous gland is always a factor in thinning hair. If the production of oil is not controlled it will undoubtedly contribute to more hair loss, as well as a variety of other long term scalp issues.  Exceptional scalp hygiene is imperative in stabilizing hair loss. In fact if you have thinning hair you cannot wash your hair enough. Of course you need to be using products that are a) free of harsh chemicals BUT also b) that are stimulating hair growth.

In many cases hair loss can be stabilized particularly if treated early on.  It’s important to speak to a Trichologist that can identify the cause of your hair loss and what your options are.


Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks NOT ‘all natural’ and other celebrity stories…

Recently we had a very successful ‘social night’ for women experiencing different types of hair loss. It was wonderful to see everyone relate to oneanother in their own way, and to realize they are truly not alone. I remember how shocked our guests were when I listed the different celebrities that have hair loss or wear hair. They couldn’t believe it! Well ladies and gentlemen believe it! Most of the hair you see on TV is not real. Here are just a few other celebrities that you may not be aware of…

Lets start with Christina Hendricks. This ruby red bombshell is most notably known for her……hair? What were you thinking!!?? Yes, this well endowed lovely claims that it was her HAIR that made her famous. A natural blonde, Christina dyed her hair red and suddenly offers were rolling in. Newsflash!, Christina is not ‘all natutal’ like you may think. Her lovely locks are a top of the head hair piece that add volume, style and conceal her thinning hair. What a difference, Christina looks beautiful. Here is her before and after:











Jessie J is another up and coming artist that wears wigs for a very interesting and unique reason. To prevent hair loss!!! Recently in a Glamour magazine interview Jessie J explained why:

  • Glamour: You wear a lot of wigs, right?

Jessie J: It’s so tough to explain to people. When you have half an hour to be ready at four o’clock in the morning, you don’t have time to get up and glue in extensions or blow-dry your hair. A hairdresser who did my hair said, “You, my darling, have something that we call ‘successful’ hair,” which is basically battered hair that’s split and falling out in the back because you’ve had to blow-dry it every day. I don’t want my hair falling out, so I wear wigs!


Finally we have our lovely Britney Spears. Britney, Britney, Britney..where do we start. The hair faux pas’s are endless. Overall one thing is clear; Britney is definitely a victim of ‘successful hair’. To be honest its hard to say what her ‘natural’ hair is really like. It would not be surprising if she had thinning hair or hair loss in a few places. To date Britney has tried endless techniques to conceal her hair issues. At Capilia Truly You, our job is to make your hair (successful or not) thick, healthy, full and paparazzi ready 😉



Now is a great time to come in to see us with our 30% sale on in stock synthetic wigs (select styles and colours) OR if you’re looking for solution to any and every scalp issues. Feel free to visit our website www.trulyyou.ca, or send me an e-mail if you have any questions at caroline@trulyyou.ca.




And the answers are….

Happy Friday everyone!!

The sun in shining in the GTA, we’ve had satisfied clients all day long that have left our clinic with beautiful hair, and I’m looking forward to a great weekend with my daughter 🙂

I have posted the answers to my ‘real or fake’ quiz on our facebook page. Take a look… how did you do??


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Real or Fake? You be the judge.

Wow. Its been a while since I wrote an entry. Capilia Truly You has been a busy bee the past couple months. Lets see…we have been planning a fundraiser for Angel Hair for Kids: http://www.trulyyou.ca/angelhair.asp, we sponsored the CIBC run for the cure: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151178402759239.468033.772729238&type=3&l=82416ed5a3, I went to Paris and learned about the latest advancements in hair and scalp care, we sponsored the Canadian Cancer Society’s Grand Evening in Pink on Oct 1st, and not to mention the day to day business. Now that I have a moment to catch my breath I thought I would write a few words about the product that started our business 20 years ago: wigs.  Yes when Truly You opened its doors it was to address the need for private  and personal services for women undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Since then we have evolved into a company that puts women with thinning hair and all types of hair loss first. Over the years we have seen the industry catch on, but to this day we are one of the very few companies that focus on womens hair loss. And although we have programs that range from preventing hair loss to correcting it, we continue to carry beautiful high end wigs in synthetic, blended and human hair; that are unlike anything you have ever seen.  That being said I am not surprised to continuously hear “but will it look natural?”. Well on that note I thought I would post a fun little game. Below I have pasted 4 sets of images. In each set one image is a wig and the other is someone’s real hair. Can you tell the difference between the two? Try to guess which is which. I will be posting the answers next week on our facebook page..all you have to do is like our page to see the answers: http://www.facebook.com/#!/CapiliaTrulyYou In the mean time have fun trying to figure this one out and please come celebrate the beauty wigs can add to your wardrobe by taking advantage of our 30% OFF SALE (all in stock synthetic wigs, select styles and colours)



Image  or  b. 


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Image  or b. Image


a. Image or b. Image


Sincerely, CR

What’s causing Fergie’s hair loss? …What’s causing your hair loss?



Despite what you see your favorite star look like on stage or on the red carpet the fact is that many of the beautiful people we admire are experiencing the same issues we are.  

So what is the real cause of hair loss? Luckily we have the answer. If you are losing your hair its likely because….

You are anemic; dieting heavily; have a fungal infection; taking drugs; taking too many aspirins; have had a high fever recently; stopped taking the birth control pill; currently on the pill; you have infected tonsils; pulling your hair out; wearing your hair too tightly; have recently had an operation; are iron deficient; recently experienced psycho effective shock i.e. a death in the family; you had a baby 3 months ago; you are a diabetic; you have cancer; have a thyroid imbalance; you have been overexposed to x-rays; going through or post menopause; you are not absorbing enough zinc; your mother is thinning; your father is thinning; someone in your family’s history had thinning hair…….

If you’re saying to yourself…are you kidding me! ! My response is no I’m not BUT trying to find the answer to your thinning hair without consulting a professional is much like reading this long list of possible causes: confusing and frustrating.

Your hair is mainly composed of protein and compared to everything else in your body it grows very, very fast. It also gets the majority of its nutrition from your blood. What does this mean? Well every time you experience an internal imbalance or change (whether it is hormonal, nutritional or otherwise…read the list above if you have the patience) guess what one of the first indicators is…YOUR HAIR!!

As a Trichologist it is my job to take into account the many causes of hair loss and identify how your hair loss is different from someone else’s. You see, the fact is there is no 1 magical solution for everyone (despite what some commercials or infomercials claim) Men are different from women, adults vary from person to person and of course are different from children.

Over the past 20 years we have helped thousands of clients (including a number of celebrities…not Fergie 😉 And regardless of a person’s status or wealth we see many of the same issues occur over and over again.  Our motto is to not let anyone live without the hair they want and we promise to get to the ‘root’ of the problem every time.

Wishing you happy hair days,


Summer hair solutions: Answering your FAQ’s


Summer is here! Here are a few common questions we get about keeping your hair and scalp feeling healthy and hydrated.

1.       What can I do to help moisturize dry hair in the summer?

Using a deep conditioner correctly can save your hair from the adverse effects of sun scorching.  *Remember to keep the conditioner away from your scalp, a common mistake that can clog your follicle funnel and lead to itchy dry scalp, and even hair thinning! We recommend Rene Furterer’ s repairing after sun mask which restructures sun damaged hair instantly.


2.       Ho do I prevent getting ‘green’ hair?

If a swimming pool is not properly balanced, metals such as copper in the water can leach onto hair. We recommend rinsing hair thoroughly prior to taking a dip.  Use Protective Summer Oil which has a waterproof formulation, designed to protect the hair against sun, sea and swimming pool damage. Repairing Sun Shampoo expertly removes the damaging residue left in the hair by chlorine and sea water. Palm butter and soybean restore the moisture and nutrients stripped away by environmental aggressors often faced during summer.


3.       What’s the best way to remove sweat and clean oily hair after a hot day?

After a busy and hot day a cool and refreshing shower is a great feeling.  Using a deep cleansing hair and shower gel will soothe and calm the skin and hair as it removes debris and residue left by sweat, chlorine and salt water. Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils refresh while menthol and allantoin comfort dehydrated, sunburned and otherwise damaged skin.

René Furterer Sun Care features plant based formulations with natural UV filters to shield hair before and after sun exposure, so you can keep your hair healthy and still enjoy some fun in the sun.  The formulas include a Keratin Protection Factor, proven to protect 90% of the keratin in the hair. Infused with a fragrance of apricot, coconut, grapefruit and rose, this Sun Care system is an instant reminder that summertime doesn’t have to be synonymous with dry, damaged hair.

To purchase your Rene Furterer hair care this summer contact us http://www.trulyyou.ca/comfort-rene-furterer.asp



African Canadian Women and hair loss: Causes, Remedies and Prevention

Stephanie Knowles: Trichologist and Hair Replacement Specialist

Stephanie Knowles: Trichologist and Hair Replacement Specialist

In the past year we are seeing more and more African Canadian women coming through our center complaining about their thinning hair and hair breakage around their hairline.  Even though they understand why this is happening, many do not know what to do to correct the problem.

As a Trichologist, I am so happy they are starting to ask these questions.  Once we understand early on why hair loss occurs (i.e. because of genetic and/ or medical background, or specific scalp ailments) we work on improving the condition. It’s important we address the issues BEFORE the start of a new chemical process or hair style.

Let’s start with the cause:  For the thousands of African Canadian women experiencing hair loss it may be due to one of two factors:  1) uncontrollable factors such as age, heredity, hormonal changes, and medical reasons or 2) controllable factors such as improper use of products that chemically alter the natural hair texture: i.e. excessive hot-pressing; curling and blow drying already very weak and fragile hair; gluing hair in during the weave process, applying new relaxers over previously altered hair causing breakage; chemical or heat burns to the scalp; over layering permanent colour with other chemical hair treatments without giving time between services, causing Traction Alopecia. Whew!!!  Do you see where I am going with this??

Traction Alopecia affects many African Canadian Women.  Continuous pulling of the hair that occurs from tight cornrows, braids, weaves, ponytails and curlers is often the culprit.  After your service, if you have difficulty moving your forehead or experience headaches, these may be signs that your hair is styled too tightly and your hair follicles are not going to be happy campers.  Over time, bald spots may develop along the hair line and above the ear and the hairline gradually recedes significantly.  If the problem is not treated early and this type of styling keeps on occurring, a permanent condition called scarring alopecia may result.  This means that hair is not able to grow through the scar tissue.

The Remedy

If you are experiencing hair loss, don’t panic.  Since treatment depends on the correct diagnosis, it is important to get to the root of the problem early by seeing a family doctor for a thorough examination, eliminating certain health issues.  Your family doctor may then refer you to a dermatologist.

 Your next visit should be to a hair loss clinic to visit with a Trichologist whose expertise is in scalp and hair health.  They will do a thorough examine by going through a detailed consultation form, discuss family history, ask general health questions, assess your present scalp and hair condition; and perform a scalp and hair analysis  with a Capillary scope to better identify any scalp ailments, as well as the cause of the hair loss.

Diagnosis may not seem like a treatment at first glance, but in many respects it is the most important first step to address hair loss.  A sound diagnosis will tell you and the hair technician working with you, exactly what type of hair loss you are suffering from.  Once you know the nature of, and reasons for your hair loss, treatments can be targeted accordingly.

I will end my rambling by saying…..if you are serious about getting your hair into prime condition, please stay away from drugstore products that contain harsh detergents and sulfates AND do not colour your own hair!!  Wash your scalp and hair (if possible) twice a week, if not at least once a week.

It is also important to note that your hair and scalp must be treated differently. The hair may need much more hydration and conditioning where our scalp needs to have sebum, scales and build-up removed in order for the hair to grow in strong and full.

 At Capilia by Truly You we want to give you the tools to properly cleanse your scalp and hydrate your hair.  We have put together a wonderful scalp therapy program just for you.  Our staff is looking forward to working in strengthening your hair by providing good scalp health. For more information about styling and treatment for your type of hair call us at 905-821-1092 or visit  http://www.trulyyou.ca/index.asp

Luxurious, Plant-Based Formulas. Natural Scalp and Hair Repair Without additives